Branson on Business: Go through the bills


TRANSCRIPT OF THE BELOW VIDEO: In my early days of business I would make sure that you know at least once a month I would go through every single bill. And I now encourage my managing directors to go through every single bill once a month just to sort of, often signing the checks themselves.  And again you can weed out a lot of waste by doing that. If you just leave it to the accountant to do you’ll suddenly start finding you're paying things that are completely unnecessary to pay. And by doing it yourself I suspect the average businessman who has not actually signed any checks for awhile and has just left it to

their accounts department can probably cut down their average outgoings by about 10% if they actually did that occasionally.

Branson on Business: "It's up to all of us entrepreneurs"

Let's talk a little bit about this economy we find ourselves in. In the US and in various parts of the world certainly there is a whole new perspective on discretionary spending, a whole new perspective on the availability of funding.  And one of the one things that you’ve talked about is it's the responsibility of entrepreneurs and business owners who really are at least half of most economies, to pull us out of this situation that we're in.  So tell us a little bit about how does one actually do that?