Ricky Gervais - Politics (Hitler interprets Nietzsche)


Politics is the art or science of governing, governing people and governing society.  What’s the best way to live?  How do we live in harmony?  That’s what we’re looking for.  Democracy’s the closest thing we’ve go to everyone sort of chipping in.  And that’s got problems you know.  Who gets the vote?  Should everyone get the vote?  You know, dangerous question.  The political philosopher of nature said that not all people deserve to vote and not all men are born equal.  This was classically misinterpreted by Hitler who went way too far with it [laughter] and he just you know, imagine that.  You’re a great scholar of nature and you write that and you get called to Hitler saying all right H or Adolf yeah yeah, I’ve just been reading your book.  Do you like it?  Brilliant.  Love all that, love all that.  Man in suit, the man.  Not everyone’s equal.  Kill all the Jews.  Sorry, sorry, what?  Not everyone’s equal,


kill all the Jews, I didn’t write all that.  No, I read between the lines.  I didn’t mean it – you’ve totally misinterpreted the whole point of it.  Yeah?  Yeah definitely, it’s awful.  Oh.  It’s dreadful.  Have you been killing Jewish people?  What?  Have you been killing Jewish people?  Uh...  How many people have you killed?  Six million.  Six million?  Yeah, don’t go on about it.  I’m not going to do anymore.  Leave it at six, leave it at six.  Let’s move on.  It’s time for tea anyway?  Cool.  Yeah but be careful in the future.  I will.  Are you writing any other books at the moment?  Well I am but I’m scared to tell you about them.  No I won’t do anything, what’s your new book called?  My new book is called the jippos, do we need them?  [Applause] Not a traditional subject for comedy, the holocaust, I’ll give you that.