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Mini Discs A New Form of Marketing :

Mini DVD replication as an effective marketing tool

Mini DVD or Business card DVD replicating is done in the same manner as CD replication is done. The only difference is in size and space of mini discs. Mini DVD is of about 80 mm diameter and has more storage space than standard disc. Mini DVD replicating is different from mini DVD-R duplication. In duplication process data is copied on a mini DVD-R.

Nowadays, Mini DVD Production is considered as one of the most effective marketing tool and is being used in most of the business segments because it is very easy to create Mini DVD. For creating Mini DVD, a person just needs a CD writer for burning master data.

Nowadays, most of the reputed companies prefer to develop their own customized Mini DVD to get the results as per their expectations that too from the targeted client segment. Companies are using Mini DVD to accomplish various marketing tasks like --

* Trade shows
* Magazine inserts
* Web site promotions
* Press releases
* Trading cards
* Company portfolios
* Event guides
* User manuals
* New product launches
* Employees introduction etc.

Mini DVD may contain photos, text, sound clips, video clips and web-links etc. Mini DVD may contain the message of company’s president, users experience, animated logo of your company or product, brochures, photos of products and company setup, background music etc.

It means that by paying little, you can accomplish various marketing tasks to influence the probable customers and business associates. No other marketing tool seems having such a high storage capacity and ability to attract customers direct to company website. When the probable customer goes through various photos of the products being used by people like him and the video clips of the interviews of existing users, he easily gets impressed with the product.

Due to low cost of Mini DVD replication, these can be distributed free of cost. You can also distribute Mini DVDs by sending it along with your company journal or this can be mailed along with some popular magazines. Mini DVDs can be used as the user manual of your products. These will tell not only about using the products in right way but will also remind the customer about your company and complete product range again and again. 

You will easily find many companies providing mini DVD replication services. So, you can easily find the best source for DVD replication. With the increasing use of Mini DVD, cost of Mini DVD replication is regularly coming down.

Cost of Mini DVD replication depends upon several factors like volume of order, delivery period, time of production, packaging and printing style etc. The Mini DVD replication process starts with the initial phases of discussions about the prime objectives of marketing campaign. Generally marketing campaign are targeted to a specific consumer segment but if you want to increase the quantity of Mini DVD, you will have to formulate ‘solo’ marketing plan. You will have to concentrate more on presentation technique, product display, earned reputation etc.

You can improve the results of Mini DVD replication by adapting an effective distribution strategy. Creative distribution of Mini DVD always improves the results of your marketing campaign. So, don’t neglect this last but important phase of your marketing plan.