China a New Player in International Media Markets

By Allan Hall . 20-05-8

China is emerging as one the key players in the New Zealand Media Markets as the economy tightens, many companies look to the cost savings of having DVD Replication projects manufactured in China, indicates Shane Stockwell General Manager of Replication Asia .

Replication Asia is an international brokering service Run by nz based CD Manfacturer Earth First Infotec that offers companies New Zealand wide and internationally more competitive rates on licensed media, than they can source in their own counties.

DVD Production

DVD Production in China with its lower DVD manufacturing costs is helping firms save money. DVD replication services in China are definitely the most competitive it world. With new trade regulations in China it is a much simpler process to have DVD production done offshore as China has fast become one of the biggest hubs of the world for various technologies.

Mr Stockwell indicates that when you are getting DVD replication done in a country like China, it can actually have major pitfalls as you get to see many different quality standards. Major sources of concern are low quality products and unlicensed products, as per the DVD patent which is valid worldwide. China has a huge manufacturing base of disks that are illegal in all Western counties. This is where Replication Asia is an essential service for the unwary buyer. providing quality licensed products.

In China you would get several companies that have international sales office all over Asia and the world. And some of these companies have good quality control system. When you are using Replication Asia for your DVD replication in China you can be assured of the ’ quality; all the products are strictly manufactured under a total dust proof environment and tested at every stage of the product by players and writers. They ensure customers are served with best quality and great service at the best price. The production services can include design of the DVD replication project, to the printing & packaging.

Security of your masters is also essential as there is a huge amount of illegal piracy is going on this particular field all over Asia. So your discs must be be handled and produced by a reputed company to ensure that they are safe from bulk illegal distribution. Having all the valid licenses and other quality standards is a must when opting for offshore purchasing of your CD or DVD production done in China. With the various aspects taken into account DVD manufacturing in China is not only a very affordable way of DVD replication but it is also helps you to save money.

Replication Asia uses world leading DVD replication companies in China which ensures it customers are served with prompt timely deliver and customer satisfaction is a major focus on the business . Thus the process of having your DVD Production done in China has become hugely popular all over New Zealand. .

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