Iyengar says Not Enough Yoga practised


INL 28-04-2008

Yoga as a preventive medicine is being used widley around the world from India to New Zealand. People in there thousands are taking up this acient practise which is said to prevent and treat a range of diseases including Arterial hypertension, Headaches, Mental disorders while having the benifit of lowering blood pressure and reducing hip joint pain.

Despite a host of celebrity gurus plus a wide variety of instructional videos and CDs on yoga, Many people are still not ready to embrace the ancient practice, relying instead more on medicines for cures to various ailments, says noted yoga exponent B K S Iyengar.

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At a time when various exponents from Baba Ramdev to Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna (whom was introduced to yoga by Sting). Shilpa Shetty are propagating their own styles of the art of breathing right. People worldwide especially India are not paying heed to the ancient practice, feels Iyengar, also known as 'Guruji.' India, considered to be the birthplace of the ancient art of yoga, is still lagging behind in the practice claims the guru who has made Iyengar yoga a celebrated name worldwide.

Yoga practise has increased dramatically in the west since the early 1900's, when many Indian yoga masters began to travel to the usa, germany and many other countries. , attracting attention and followers. Hatha Yoga was the most popular Yoga form in the west. Slowly and gradually Yoga came to assume importance in matters related to health, peace, fitness and spirituality.

Mr Iyengar the 90-plus Padma Vibushan awardee says, "In India, there are more people who are drug addicts, I mean those addicted to medicines. Everybody wants to take medicines for their ailments. This is not so when compared to those in western countries where they have taken to yoga." He claims that the regular practice of Iyengar Yoga can cure even those afflicted with extremely serious medical conditions and is known to use various props such as belts, ropes and wooden gadgets to make the performance of 'asanas' easy for physical handicapped patients.

When asked about various controversies that is currently plaguing the ancient practice. "There is no controversy about my form of yoga, 20 million students across the world who are my students. There may be many practitioners today but yoga is one. The trunk of the tree is one there may be many branches," says Iyengar.


Other dieases said to be helped with regular yoga practise include:

Arterial hypertension, Burns excess fat, Nervous weakness, Constipation, Indigestion, Diabetes, Bronchitis, Dyspepsia, Chronic cold & cough, Bronchial asthma, Congestion, Ailments of back, neck & waist, Spondalitis, Myopia, Menstrual Disorders, Arthritis Sciatica pain, Hip Joint Pain, Heart Disease, Knee,Ankle joint pain, Asinophilla, Lumbar Pain, Rheumatism, Relieving flatulence, Mental disorders, Cervical spondylysis, Body stiffness, Genital disease, Toned liver, pancreas, kidney & bladder Enlarged & congested liver & inactive kidney, Urinary disorders, High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, Acidity, Piles, Renal Calculi, Appendicitis, Headache, Pyorrhoea, Tonsillitis

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