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INL 29-07-2010

Yoga originated as a Hindu spiritual practice, but these days, mention yoga, and the first thing that pops into most people heads is that it is many celebrities favourite form of exercise! But what is yoga really, and can it really help you get, and stay fit? There are even many modern online yoga classes like the one below you can use for starting our your Home Yoga Practise

Introduced to US society in the late 19th century by Swami Vivekananda, but with its roots somewhere around 5000 years ago in India, yoga is a combination of breathing, stretching exercises, postures and meditation. Often cited as a form of alternative medicine, yoga lowers blood pressure and stress levels, improves co-ordination, and has a positive affect on sleep, concentration and even digestion!

Many forms of yoga exist these days, even westernized versions such as hip-hop yoga, and most large cities have at least one yoga studio where you can go and see what it’s all about, but the fundamentals have not changed much since it was first introduced.

Modern yoga classes are taught by a yogi (male) or yogini (female) teacher. They usually range from 45 minutes to an hour in length, and are sometimes divided into groups such as beginner, intermediate etcetera. You can even do online yoga Some very basic equipment, such as a yoga mat, and comfortable, breathable clothes (you might be surprised that you DO sweat while practicing online yoga) and sometimes a prop on which to lean while mastering the more complicated poses are about all you’ll need.

The key to practicing yoga properly is to come into each pose slowly and gracefully, hold it, and then move to the next pose slowly and gracefully. Essentially, the exercise is in maintaining this graceful flow by controlling the muscle groups.

Most sessions start with some simple poses, such as the corpse post, lying flat on your back on the floor, and moving on to poses like the easy pose, the classic meditation pose, neck exercises and shoulder lifts, and then to the Sun Salutation, stretching the body in preparation for the poses to follow.

When it comes to poses like the double leg raise, head and shoulder stands, and bow pose, you start to realize where the exercise part of yoga comes in. Before you even sign up for a class, lie flat on your back, and try to slowly lift both of your legs, while keeping them as straight as possible, into a 90-degree position. Feel that burn in your thighs? That’s the exercise.

Likewise, the cobra position, where you lift your upper body slowly from the floor, when lying flat on your tummy. Not high impact, but you will definitely feel it in your arms, shoulders and back. And holding the position increases the intensity of the workout!

And that’s the difference with yoga. It may be slow, calming and meditative, but it does prove that it is possible to tone your muscles without taking up high impact sports, and may be just the thing for you if for some reason you have been advised to avoid those forms of sport.

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