What is the better technology for DVD Production?

By INL . 20-05-10

The Difference between DVD Replication and DVD Duplication

With the many advancements in technology over the past 10 year people have enjoyed many benefits and their lifestyle has also improved to a huge extent.. The advent of technology has given rise to many new forms of entertainment of which many which are distributed on DVD from X box 360 games to the latest movie releases. These disks would have come into being through one of two technologies. Replication or Duplication are the correct terms for the two ways that CDs and DVD's are manufactured. . Both these terms are sometimes used interchangeably by people with no technical knowledge of the process and the exact difference between the two terms is subject of much debate. While copying important data from the computer to CD/DVD; you may have not cared about the basic difference between the two terms. But when it comes down to the nuts and bolts actually DVD replication & DVD duplication are two methods that are as different as Chalk and cheese.

DVD replication is a very fine example of modern day technology with the manufacturing plant costing upwards of one Million USD.

dvd replication plant

In DVD replication, a glass master is made and then a set of stampers or molds are made from that master. In this particular procedure, stampers are mounted in an injection-mold mechanism, where a replica of the mold is already created. Then the disc is given a layer aluminum coating which is very thin and reflective but provides durability. Lastly protective liquor is spun on to the disc and afterwards it is hardened by using an ultraviolet ray. This DVD Production process with it's use of modern technology produces very high quality results . DVD Replication is only considered for quantities of 1000 and above as smaller quantities are cost prohibitive . with relation to the cost of a glass master. But once the master is made it the whole above-mentioned process for hundreds of thousands even millions of disks can be completed in a relatively short time .

DVD Duplication is actually a process of copying of the contents of a particular CD or DVD to another disc by using a writeable disc in a drive with proper capabilities. This procedure is mainly known as ‘burning’. Any one can do this to his/her own PC using an apt software like Nero Start Smart, Sonic Record Now etc. This particular method is best for burn runs which are less than 500 due to the low set up cost. . Nowadays if quality is not the main concern many companies actually burn their data by using in-house towers, which generally consists of towers of drives and a good hard disc to maintain the original source files and the proper software to control all theses things. Some of these towers also include robotic arms and things like disc magazines which can hold 30, 50 or sometimes 100 discs. Thus you can see that the entire DVD duplication or burn operation can actually run on its own where you don’t even need to swap the discs. A fine example of this particular procedure is the Bravo Disc Publisher. It also has an excellent bay that holds about 22 discs. It has a drive for print cartridge, burning and robotic arm to swap. It also helps to print the labels to the burnt discs. The software that handles all these operations is called PTP Publisher.

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